Sunday, January 24, 2010

This weeks projects....

So the hubby and I are back from a relaxing weekend visiting family, it was rainy outside and we stayed in bed until after noon watching movies. Anyhow, I am looking at a busy week at work and I have a lot of projects at home I want to work on, one being our dining room. After being here for about 2 months, I am just starting to feel settled in our new town and apartment. My talented husband likes to make furniture, so he made me as a wedding present a dining room table out of wood salvaged from an old barn. Its amazing, but we need to paint the legs and we are working on the chairs I recently bought at an antique store as well. The only thing we have really done is paint stripes and install a lighting fixture.

Don't mind the puzzle on the table, my man thinks its a stress reliever and I just think I don't like puzzles.

So the chairs from the before picture.... see here are going to get a coat of paint in probably a dark chalky grey and recovered in this

Sorry for the poor image quality, its a really pretty yellow, not to bright, not too dull. And my computer is not letting me flip the image, it needs to be flipped horizontally.

I'm also looking for some artwork to hang above the table, what I have now is just something I had and doesn't work at all and is way too small. Anyhow, I have fallen in love with a new website and spend lots of time looking at the creativity displayed at Little Paper Planes. I am thinking that the Nest Print might be perfect. Its simple yet sweet and since we just got married, I think that a nest is perfect for newlyweds to eat under.

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