Thursday, February 11, 2010


So I have an easy project for you all today. Last year, I found a canvas I loved from pottery barn ( from here but no longer available) but didn't want to pay the $80 price tag. So I created my own.

I loved the sketchy look of the Eiffel tower canvas and thought it would be an easy way to remember the time I spent in Italy.

So I took one of my favorite pictures from my favorite place...

A $8 11x14 canvas and a sharpie later...

Voila! I added a tree for a little interest. So for a total of $8 as apposed to an $80, i think thats a pretty good deal!

I did get on a roll and do one of the tower of Pisa as well, super easy!

So I suggest, take some pictures of your favorite places you have visited around the world and make them art to hang in your house!

Also, a big congrats to Riley for getting her fabulous project on Design Sponge, way to go! I love you!
check it out here


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