Thursday, March 25, 2010

long time coming

Hello everyone! I am so sorry about the severe lack of posts lately, I have just been not feeling it! With all this beautiful weather I have been outside and falling down on my blogging duties! Well here I am, ready to get back into it.
I want to update you on my bedroom makeover (still in progress). With my rooms, I tend to work over time. I watch and wait and see what a room needs to be. I believe that over time, YOUR room will evolve as you live in it and it shapes to your needs and wants.

We started with this, typical post college, totally blank slate.

And this is now- still in progress but definitely progressing.

I have been struggling in this room. With a bed like this, I was really trying to decide if we needed a headboard. But I like the way the dark graphite velvet pillows anchor the bed, almost like a headboard and the mirror adds some visual interest and draws your eye up.

The walls are painted one of my favorite colors, Ralph Lauren Lamp Room Grey. I looked for a month for a gray that was warm with yellow undertones instead of harsh with blue undertones. We love it- its soothing and warm at the same time.

The drapes are my favorite simple mosquito type netting drapes, they are floaty and dreamy and add softness.

I struggle with finishing a room, I prefer a very simple streamlined room with minimal accessories and sometimes that means my rooms look unfinished. So tell me, does it look unfinished? what do i need to add?


Alexandra said...

layer a patterned/colorful rug- but i know buying a rug for a room you wont be in forever is hard to convince a husband to invest in....

i want to see the other side of the room, but i would put an occasional chair in there, maybe with a fun painted frame-maybe in the green from that throw, or graphite from the pillows? i'll take you to where i took riley ;) to find the perfect one...

-botanical prints? or some type of art on the walls, with big mats and simple frames... put them on either side of the window, or either side of the bed, above your lamps, flanking the gorgeous mirror you've chosen.... definitely a pair though, since your bed has a symmetrical feel to it.

yay for your blog! its so fun to see how things are progressing for you and your new hubs :)

Rebekah said...

I agree with Alexandra that some prints might look nice on other portions of the walls, but, to be honest, it doesn't look like you need to add more to the room. I think it's very clean, open, and uncluttered the way you have it right now.
I'm loving your taste in decorating, Eileen! If I get a home of my own, I DEFINATELY will want your input! :)

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