Monday, March 8, 2010

Pretty Pictures...

The hubs and I had a wonderful weekend, we hung around for friday night and watched the Lord of the Rings (it was his first time seeing them! Hard to believe, I know!) Saturday morning, we went road tripping up to see the parentals- it was so nice just to hang out, watch movies and decorate my mom's newly redone room. While we were up there, my mom had a surprise for us, we got more pictures from our wedding taken by our dear friend, Dianna Seay. She is incredibly talented and took some of our favorite pictures from the wedding! and I wanted to share her gift...
And these flowers were done by our AMAZING florists, who also happen to be some dear family friends...


  1. Why are there no pictures of my smiling face?

  2. Your dad let you marry someone who had not seen LOTR???

    Lovely pictures by Ms. Seay! And yay for Jan's flowers!

  3. PS... I want to see pics of the new room!

  4. I know, its a miracle that he let us get married. I am working on the room, when i get motivated enough to clean really well i'll post something!

  5. Yeah, I'm just as surprised as Heather that it took Luke that long to see LOTR? I thought that would have been a requirement of your own. Has he seen Harry Potter? ;-)

    That was sweet about Mom's pictures. :-)


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