Monday, May 10, 2010

my dream home

If I had my way- I would live in an all white house. Sleek white walls and all white furniture. When we were in architecture school, my bestie would have force me to not design solely with concrete and glass. I love the openness and cleanness of the all white look- it clears my mind and allows me to focus. Luke complains that everything in our house is white. It is definitely a more subtle look- more about layers of textures than layers of color, and when it is done right- genius! Here are a few of my favorite rooms.

images from Mikkel Absol via brunch at saks

And I love this too- so clean. I have been begging luke for ghost chairs forever! I think i might have to settle for a coffee table right now- more affordable!

And I don't know where these images are- if you know, please fill me in!

And this home is my favorite in the world- Domino editor Deborah Needleman's home. PURE GENIUS. I want this house- so badly. I dream of this house. Its perfect.

What is your dream home???


  1. Really?! All-white?! Never would have guessed it! One day when we both buy homes you will have to come over and help me tone down my wildness with some of your chicness! (yes thats a word, not to be confused with cheekiness...but you have that too) LOVE YOU

  2. yeah, I dont know how I feel about ghost chairs. I dont think my butt would look good all mashed into clear acrylic.

  3. Ha ha, Heather! ;)
    I don't know about having an all-white house...I think it would drive me insane to have everything all one color.


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