Sunday, July 11, 2010

Catching up.

In between watching the World Cup every free minute these past few weeks, (viva Espana!), my life has been full of traveling and vacationing. Can't say I'm complaining- its been amazing! Last Thursday I traveled to the big city of ATL to pick up my brother from the airport. (for those of you who don't know, my brother is in the Air Force and visits are few and far between). It was amazing to spend a few days with him.

Then it was off to the beach! Me and the hubs had our first solo vacation (besides our honeymoon) and it was AMAZING! I spent all day on the beach catching up on my reading, napping and playing in the surf with my kayak.

Look at that height! And that is the only exercise I got all week.
Now who says white boys can't jump?

Got back from the beach on Thursday and headed up to Charlotte Friday morning to help my cousin with her house. She is redoing her living room and dining room- and we had fun playing all weekend. I also got to see Riley -I roped her in with promises of antiquing and Benjamin Moore paint decks- it was so amazing to spend time with 2 of my favorite people!

We went to the most amazing furniture mill in Concord. Crammed in every corner of a huge mill that had to have covered 5 or 6 acres was incredible, one of a kind vintage and refurbished pieces at great prices. There were so many treasures- I couldn't take it all in! We got my cousin 2 glass lamp bases for $50 and a solid oak vintage desk chair on awesome casters for $35.

We are serious shoppers. Check out the Merrells with the sundress- thats pretty hardcore.


  1. lets see pics of these finds!! and I AM SO THERE for the next visit to that mil.... :)


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