Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Living Room Version 2.1

So I've been struggling with my living room, as many of you know. I've vented about it to you all more than once! Every time I walked in my apt, something bothered me but I couldn't put my finger on it for the longest time. I finally had an ah ha moment when I realized that I needed more depth in the corner next to my window to balance out the room. I also needed a coffee table! So welcome to house tour 2.1- redone and remixed. This is what I started with.

On the coffee table hunt- I saw these on High Heeled Foot in the Door. Loved the white lacquer and thought two would make a fun alternative to a coffee table but had no idea where they were. Then a reader of High Heeled found some at TJMaxx- so off I went.

And voila- they were there! I snagged two (one in the turquoise color below, and a black one) planning to spray paint them.

So we were on the way.

Then my hubby took me to Ikea- yay! I stumbled upon a grey linen chaise lounge and realized it was perfect for my room. I also scooped up a black and white throw, some peacock blue curtains, and a $20 chair. So drum roll... here it is now!

Its so much cozier with that chaise- that Luke has claimed. I have only sat in it once since we got it! I had orginally thought to paint the coffee tables black lacquer but at the advice of my boss- now they are going to be white lacquer! So pumped.

I am thinking about doing a black and white greek key band on the curtains. Thoughts? You like? I'll post pictures after I paint the bamboo tables, I promise.


  1. hello. i am so envious of your tables i want to go buy them right now. i just may become an unashamed copy-cat. Love you

  2. Horray for the chaise! :) I adore it! and the peacock blue curtains are fun! YAY!

  3. Very interesting thanks. I believe there's even more that could be on there! keep it up enter website


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