Monday, September 27, 2010

layout madness!

Ok sorry for the corny title, but I was out of inspiration. Why is moving always WAY more stressful then you think its going to be? I thought I was so organized and would be calm and collected, but no. By the time my parents got there, I was about ready to break down in hysterics. It was pitiful. But we got everything moved into its new home, and I am LOVING the new place! I promise I will post pictures soon, after I find my camera that is hiding in one of the boxes stacked in my dining room.

A new place means all new furniture, right? I tried that with Luke, and it didn't really work. But, he did agree to considering new furniture, if I could propose a plan with a budget and what would be where. So I brought in one of my favorite tools- Icovia. I use Icovia at work all the time, and it makes my job so much easier! Its a plan and layout program available online. You can access your information and saved plans anywhere, from any computer. Its pretty accurate, which you know since I graduated in Architecture, I am SUPER anal about! When I first started at my job, they were using a program that made me wince, totally not up to par, but I didn't think it was work getting Autocad for the office. As a designer, you don't need that much detail in a program. So in comes Icovia, and my new furniture plan.

Plan A:

Using mainly furniture we already have, what we don't have is colored in on the plan. (I got lazy and didn't lay out the rest of my furniture, just the master, dining and living)
The only thing we really need to buy will be a new dining set. I am wanting to do a simple round table (maybe 48") and then get a tailored table skirt made, maybe with a little greek key at the bottom?? If anyone has any inspiration for the table and chairs, please share! I need some pretty things to look at!

Plan B:
Option 2 is definitely my favorite. Get two new chairs and a new rug for the living room. Like this better, so we shall see! Cross your fingers the hubs likes this one!


  1. Here are plans to build a round table from Pottery Barn:

    I know Robert and Luke could do it.

  2. question, I dont see that adorable chaise from IKEA in option 2. where will luke sit?

  3. Katy, thanks for the link! It is so cute and Luke is sold on it. i think that might be the way we go!

    Heather, the adorable chaise lounge is now the scourge of my existance. i like option 1 better which means no adorable chaise lounge. I might try to sell it, so if you know of anyone, let me know!


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