Monday, October 11, 2010

Fall Closet Inspiration

Well I thought that fall weather was in full swing, pulled out my boots and tights, and got excited for cider and fires, and now the weather is now up to 89 degrees again! I mean, come on weather, decide what season it is! Don't get our hopes up!

Anyway, I was MIA this past week due to work work work, unpacking unpacking unpacking! Its been crazy! But this week is looking up- Market is coming up later this week so we are busy getting ready for that! With Market comes total inspiration overload, meeting lots of fabulous people, staying up late and getting up early, and miles and miles of walking. So what should a girl wear?

Deciding what fall clothes to invest always requires a lot of thought on my part. I normally decide what 'look' I can get the most wear out of and invest in some good pieces that I can mix and match. This summer I wore high waisted skirts with a tucked in top, and I had endless variations of the same "uniform." Totally takes out the stress of getting ready. I developed this strategy while living in Italy. I noticed how the Italian women always looked totally pulled together and chic, but wore almost the same outfit every day.

Well, this fall I am getting inspired by Shopbop's Ultimate Closet feature. I stumbled upon it at Mackenzie's blog, and love every look! 13 pieces, 15 looks.

Btw, I think this might be my uniform of choice for the fall. Boots, sweaterdress, loose fitting cardi and a belt. Yep.

Another variation of the same.
I don't think I am brave enough to pull off the military faux fur jacket, but I could totally substitute my new gray leather bomber jacket in its place!
So chic! So what is your strategy for fall shopping? I would love some new inspiration!


  1. um, my inspiration is that I don't get to shop again until I am gainfully employed past December.

  2. oh, lovely. i'm definitely not bold enough for the furry vests, but i can appreciate the look! i love all of these looks..oh no...i really want to shop now.

  3. my strategy is asking you to pick out more clothes for me. :D i love my brown leather bomber jacket! Also,SCARVES AND CARDIGANS! LOTS OF 'EM!


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