Monday, December 6, 2010

Gifts that taste as good as they look

When it comes to giving gifts, there are always those people you never really know what to get-  you don't really know them well enough to pick out something personal like clothes but you know you need to get them something. This year, instead of coping out and getting them an itunes gift card- go with some chocolate. Everyone loves chocolate- you would be crazy if you didn't. The treats below are all super scrumptious and beautiful to boot.

And for those of you who have lots of patience and are good at cooking- go DIY, but for the candy apple DIY challenged, these are a great option. Every time I try to make them, I get caramel EVERYWHERE and I end up eating almost all of the toppings before they make it on the apples.  

All from Rue La La. And if you aren't a member, go here to get hooked up...


  1. oh yuuuhuuuumm. these look amazing!

  2. Maybe just stick to truffle's w/ gold dust :)

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