Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Today I am loving this organic room with modern elements. I am dreaming of a huge modern abstract above my bed, and a little animal print never hurt anyone! LOVE!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Excuse Me...

As I try to play around with my layout.

Here is an inspirational picture for you all. I am thinking about starting a DIY spin off of this! I'll keep you posted!

via GBGP

p.s. my new header has my favorite fabric from schumacher as the background! see here

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Beware- I tend to ramble! I am attempting to make up my severe lack of posting with a post full of fun stuff! I have been busy- work and weddings and MARKET! I spent a few days at the High Point Furniture Market for work this past week and had an AMAZING time! It was unbelievable how the small town of High Point, NC comes alive for 2 weeks out of the year- packed with showrooms of companies all over the world. I am going to show a few of my favorites a little later, once I go through all the pictures!

Before and After:

A few weeks ago- my man and I went thrifting and I picked up a small table for $5 dollars. I love using paint to make tired pieces come alive and modern. I have found that a lot of people are scared to pick up pieces that need some TLC in fear that they might ruin it. My strategy is viewing such fails as a learning experiment. If I happen to pick up a piece that is beyond repair and i spend time on it- I am really learning a lot with each piece. Some of my past fails have taught me how to lay tile correctly, that you really do need to sand in between each coat of paint, and that lacquer is not easy to get off! So don't be scared to tackle that project! The fails make you better!


Look at the fun detailing.... ummm yucky.

A little sanding and some turquoise paint, and TaDa!

Right now its residing in my reading corner in my bedroom- the color makes me happy.

Also on the agenda for this weekend, herb garden! Growing up, we were organic before it was cool to be organic- we always were growing herbs and vegetables in our tiny yard, so I am accustomed to having fresh herbs to cook with. So now that I have my own house (or apt., but my own domain none the less) an herb garden ( the word is a little strong, its more like an herb pot) was a definite. I decided to start small- to not freak my husband out with a porch full of growing things, so I started with my number one necessity- basil. Adding with a little parsley and mint- we are on our way to being major green thumbs one day.

We do have more pots on the porch with the other herbs, but they weren't as pretty as the basil.

Isn't my view pretty? I love how close our apt is to everything we need, but still we have some privacy, we don't have to sit on our porch and stare out a a parking lot. We spend a lot of nights on the porch drinking wine, watching the sunset and just hanging out.

Have a wonderful start to your week, and I'll post soon on my Market finds, along with some TJ Maxx steals!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

the perfect afternoon...

I want to be here, with a good book and hot tea.

So the hubs and I are back from visiting family, had a wonderful time at a family wedding, with good food, great music (the hubs sang!), and fun times! I am now in process of cleaning the apt, watching Friends, and getting ready for the week. Yay for a 2 day work week and then vaca!

image via here

Monday, April 5, 2010

Windows-Down Weather and a DIY

One of my favorite things in the entire world to do is ride in my car, all the windows and sunroof open, with my favorite music blaring. It makes me happy. I'm so glad that windows-down weather is here!

I hope that everyone had an amazing Easter weekend! I had a great, relaxing weekend with the hubs and some good friends. We laid out by our pool and I'm so happy that warm weather is here to stay! This week, I am looking forward to an uneventful week, maybe going to see a movie and a date night! Then this weekend- we are heading up for a family wedding that my man is singing at, so fun! yay for weddings and good food and friends!

Anyhow, I hope everyone is going to have a good week, and I wanted to share a fun project!

I think that with this picture...

Some glossy white spray paint, the $7.99 Lack Ikea table that everyone has, and a fun stencil, you could make a fun easy DIY.

I love the idea of using the yellow table for a more fun look, maybe with a geometric stencil. Red would be fun too! I have a couple of these tables, I might just have to put this to the test this week! I'll let you know how it goes!!

image sources pinkwallper, harsh rule, living etc and ikea
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