Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Blog Mention!

I just got back from the beach- and am now tan enough not to be embarrassed to be out in public. It was amazing, 8 hours a day on the beach, now that is my kind of vacation. Now onto some exciting news!

If you don't follow Better After, a super fun blog devoted entirely to everyone's favorite part of design, the before and afters, you should! Its super fun! And Creative Day just got a mention- Lindsey posted our dining room chair redo- See the post HERE. Thanks for the mention Lindsey!
image via around the bend from loveloveslovelivesinyou

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A new feel

So I recently did a little spring refresh in our bedroom. If you can remember from earlier posts, this is what my room used to look like.

And now here it is! A little summer-y, and a little different. I love refreshing a room with the season- a little change is good for you!

I put a Ikea duvet cover that I already had at the bottom of the bed. new throw pillows, decorations, and my favorite new lamps, and we were done!

See my lamps! I love them- gourd lamps are everywhere nowadays- they are perfect for adding a fun modern shape in your favorite (normally bright!) color. I found mine at TJ's for $40, which is awesome because I had my eyes on some at work that were $100! So I told my hubby I was saving him money by buying these!

Monday, May 17, 2010

my little home

Working in the world of design is a blessing and a curse. Being surrounded all day by beautiful things is inspiring but it makes it almost impossible to make a decision about your own home! Everything I see come into the office I think, " I could use that- I love that!" It paralyzes me! When we first got married and settled into our little home, I ran through endless scenarios in my head- bright, modern, mid-century, California cool, designer chic, sparse and architectural, AHHH!!!

I finally realized that although I love the bright chic, a la jenny of little green notebook, its just not me. I favor more muted look, with whites, grays, and creams mixed with a healthy dose of rustic textures mixed in there. And I know that my style will grow and evolve over time- so I'm not worried about it being perfect right now. I buy what I like- and then as I look at it, I may realize I hate or- or its perfect. I don't stress! That's what starter apartments are for!

Apartments are hard to work with- the beige walls and beige carpet make it hard for me to have the all white house of my dreams. I finally realized that wasn't realistic for right now, but comfortable happy was. So here is my little living area right now.

We had a 90's fabulous couch with red and green stripe- thankfully covered up by a pottery barn slipcover. The two chairs are just fill in's until I find "the ones." I don't know what I want right now but I will know when I see it, something clean lined. My new CB2 coffee table will go right here! See, I am getting my modern in !

We have blue velvet curtains- yes baby blue velvet curtains. I love them. Our prints from Italy hang above the couch. Other side of the room- not really anything special. I am looking for something to give a little height on the wall with the tv.

And here is our little dining space- waiting for a rug. But we did buy a much needed console table for that left wall at Nadeau, that amazing furniture store in Charleston I mentioned here. I was too lazy to take pictures of it, but I promise I will post some soon.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

i wish.

I wish this outfit would magically appear in my closet for me to wear to work tomorrow...

This is probably the best white shirt for the summer- light and airy and flirty.

And I want these in EVERY color. So comfy...

All from anthropologie, where all good things come from.

Monday, May 10, 2010

my dream home

If I had my way- I would live in an all white house. Sleek white walls and all white furniture. When we were in architecture school, my bestie would have force me to not design solely with concrete and glass. I love the openness and cleanness of the all white look- it clears my mind and allows me to focus. Luke complains that everything in our house is white. It is definitely a more subtle look- more about layers of textures than layers of color, and when it is done right- genius! Here are a few of my favorite rooms.

images from Mikkel Absol via brunch at saks

And I love this too- so clean. I have been begging luke for ghost chairs forever! I think i might have to settle for a coffee table right now- more affordable!

And I don't know where these images are- if you know, please fill me in!

And this home is my favorite in the world- Domino editor Deborah Needleman's home. PURE GENIUS. I want this house- so badly. I dream of this house. Its perfect.

What is your dream home???

Monday, May 3, 2010

Furniture with a soul.

Fun new furniture alert. I just found Nadeau . it is filled to the brim with funky pieces that would look amazing in my home (and not expensive). I think a trip to the Charleston branch might be in order for next weekend. Nadeau used to be solely to the trade but now they have opened up some retail stores (wholesale to the public!!) . Tell me, do any of you have any experience with any of their furniture? Is it good quality?? Their tagline is "Furniture with a soul" and I would have to agree. Some of my favorites are below.

I think I need this above piece in my dining room-

LOVE this chair.

check out the hot pink!!!

Everything avail to view HERE
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