Monday, September 27, 2010

layout madness!

Ok sorry for the corny title, but I was out of inspiration. Why is moving always WAY more stressful then you think its going to be? I thought I was so organized and would be calm and collected, but no. By the time my parents got there, I was about ready to break down in hysterics. It was pitiful. But we got everything moved into its new home, and I am LOVING the new place! I promise I will post pictures soon, after I find my camera that is hiding in one of the boxes stacked in my dining room.

A new place means all new furniture, right? I tried that with Luke, and it didn't really work. But, he did agree to considering new furniture, if I could propose a plan with a budget and what would be where. So I brought in one of my favorite tools- Icovia. I use Icovia at work all the time, and it makes my job so much easier! Its a plan and layout program available online. You can access your information and saved plans anywhere, from any computer. Its pretty accurate, which you know since I graduated in Architecture, I am SUPER anal about! When I first started at my job, they were using a program that made me wince, totally not up to par, but I didn't think it was work getting Autocad for the office. As a designer, you don't need that much detail in a program. So in comes Icovia, and my new furniture plan.

Plan A:

Using mainly furniture we already have, what we don't have is colored in on the plan. (I got lazy and didn't lay out the rest of my furniture, just the master, dining and living)
The only thing we really need to buy will be a new dining set. I am wanting to do a simple round table (maybe 48") and then get a tailored table skirt made, maybe with a little greek key at the bottom?? If anyone has any inspiration for the table and chairs, please share! I need some pretty things to look at!

Plan B:
Option 2 is definitely my favorite. Get two new chairs and a new rug for the living room. Like this better, so we shall see! Cross your fingers the hubs likes this one!

Friday, September 24, 2010


Well, if anyone needs me today I am going to be buried under boxes. Moving day is officially here! Am I ready? No. Is everything done. No. Lets see how this goes!
But I am so excited about our new place, its downtown and so much closer to work for me, and you know I love a new project. I have been dreaming about how to decorate for weeks! One of the things I am so excited about is that the new place has a fireplace, which means cozy nights curled up in front of it with a book. It also means I have a mantle to decorate! So here are some pictures to inspire you -

I know I have already shown this picture, buts its one of my favorites!

all via lonny.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Get Ready!

Guess what happens tonight? Modern Family that what. Enjoy it.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Lusting over.

For those of you who are as obsessed with design as much as I am, OneKingsLane is a must as a guilty pleasure. I scan the sales almost every day, and they really do have good deals! Example, this weeks sale on Arteriors. We use Arteriors a lot at work, and they have beautiful things. So enjoy this eye candy, and if you aren't a member, please join. You will thank me. And put me as your "invited by"!

LOVE this pendant. Retails for $360, on sale for $130!

How fun is this wall panel!

Chic takes your favorite photo and stretches it onto canvas at good prices!

A 24x36 is only $79, while a 30x40 is only $109!
And I can dream right? These Philip Gorrivan chairs are on sale for $3199. So pretty.

I am off to make peanut butter pie and watch the premier of Castle tonight, I'm pretty excited! Enjoy your Monday!

Saturday, September 18, 2010


Jenny, everyone's favorite design blogger, transformed her boring white walls in her rental entryway with $20 dollars of masking tape. She achieved the look of expensive wallpaper cheaply, and most importantly for those of us in rentals, temporarily.

When I saw her quick fix, I was sold! So I ordered myself 2 rolls of teal tape and me and my honey (well, actually, Luke did most of this!) got to work.

This was what we were working with. blah blah blah. boring. we had a skinny little niche, only 12" deep, and 9' ceilings. So Luke drew out a grid and we started taping.
My sweet husband hard at work.

So here it is afterward! So much better!

You like my yard sale bird? $0.50!

I also scored these two prints at the same yard sale for $0.50 too!

You want to know a secret? We ran out of tape! We were initially going to wrap the half-finished wall (below) and the wall near the front door, but.... I WAY underestimated how much we were going to need! You want to know another secret? We "finished" this project a week before we decided to move! booo. But I am so glad we did it, I am definitely going to use this in our new place, and make sure I order more than I think we will need!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Major TGIF

Well, I am finally starting to feel better. That "slight" cold I had at the end of last week knocked me out for a few days... ugh. So happy that its the weekend and to be feeling better! And fall is in the air, which means here its only 95! haha not really fall i know but its coming!

Anyway, I hope you all have a great weekend, my honey and I are going to boxing up our entire house for our big move next friday! oh yeah. what are all of you up to, anything fun?

I know I didn't have a great picture of the porch at the Dream Home that we did at work, so I thought I would share a better picture. I am dying over this porch, from the farmhouse table, the turquoise drapes, and the perfect chairs, its my favorite thing we have worked on in a while!

Friday, September 10, 2010


Thank goodness its Friday. I have been feeling a little under the weather the past couple of days, I think I have caught the cold that has been going around. boo. Well I am looking forward to a chill weekend with my honey, (after he gets back from picking up a pizza and a movie, love my hubs he takes good care of me) and in the meantime would love to curl up to one of the fireplaces below. How cozy do these spaces look?

We have a line of furniture at work that has a lot of coffee tables and consoles that look like the one above, I love it and want the end tables for my house.

See the little bit of lucite peeking out under the books? Love this space.

all images via lonny

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sneak Peak.

Me and Jen at the Dream Home, favorite picture ever!
At work we are just finishing up our advertising stuff for the 2010 Dream Home, which opens tomorrow! We are so excited to show off our rooms, (the living room and porch) that we have been working on the past couple of months. I thought I would give you all a sneak peak!

Living Room. photo by Linda. Linda (our owner and designer) was initially inspired by her trip to Beijing earlier this year, which is evident in the room by the fantastic artwork she brought back. Above hanging on the bookcases.

Other side of room. How much do you love that console and mirror.

The porch might just be my favorite. This picture was taken before we finished styling but I am obsessed with the chandeliers.

We also had a photo shoot for our new ad and I thought I would share a few pics, we were there far too long and got silly. All photographs below taken by the fabulous Robert Clark.

Me, Linda, Jen and Melissa. the team.
Who knows? The artwork hanging on the wall was brought back from Beijing by Linda.

Our fabulous photographer Robert.

We finally got a facebook fan page at work, so become a fan!!

LGB Interiors

And if you are in the Columbia Area, make sure you stop by the 2010 Dream Home, presented by Columbia Metropolitan Magazine. All the benefits go to American Cancer Society, so you are doing good while you are getting inspired!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Party time

Off to hot-lanta to see my brother-in-law get hitched! Congrats Benjamin and Tiffany!

Oh, and how fabulous is this picture via elizabeth messina and snippet and ink???

Have a great weekend everyone!

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