Thursday, January 27, 2011

Before and After Magic...

Like I promised, I'm here today with a before and after from my parents house. Let me preface this by saying that I love my parents house. It was the best house to grow up in. Plenty of room to run around in and a huge pool in the backyard that I practically lived in. Well, my parents have been living there for a long while now, I won't say how long mom! and it needed a redo. The outside was a really pretty light gray that I loved with the black shutters and roof but we decided to give it some depth. So we painted it orange. J/K! But did I make your heart drop and completely freak you out? Thats what I thought. Sorry for that. Anywho, here is the before,

And here it is now. Do you love? Just warming up the gray and adding a pop in the door really changes the feel of the house. It looks so much richer and the white of the trim really pops.

 Do you like how Bonnie in is almost every picture?
 My mom loves her red door and I think we are going to give the planters a little love and paint those red as well. If anyone is interested, the paint colors I used were SW Dovetail on the house (its the perfect gray) and SW Classy Red on the front door. We all love it and I never ever want my parents to move.


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