Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Recap: This past week

Hey dear readers, sorry for the absence this past week. I was really busy with family stuff. For those of you who don't know, my brother is in the military and he is getting stationed abroad for 2 years. My brother and I have always been really close, we were more like twins growing up than anything else, never apart! So he left on Monday. On the one hand, I am so excited for him because he has an amazing job and he LOVES it more than anything. He gets to travel and see the world and he excels at what he does. On the other hand, seeing him walk on that plane was hard. 2 years is a long time! (Bradley, if you are reading this, I'm sorry. He hates when I'm "mushy".) I have so much respect for our military and their families, I never really understood what it would be like until my brother joined.
We had an amazing weekend on Bradley's "farewell tour" as we like to call it. We went to dinner and hung out, went shopping (got hair advice, courtesy of my hair stylist and fabulous little sister, Anna Grace) and ate. All together a success. 
Me and Bradley. So proud of you!
 Luke and Bradley will both not be happy about this picture.
 Dinner at this amazing English pub- so good!
 Granddaddy made his world famous oreo milkshakes. Ok maybe not world famous but totally famous within our family. Seriously, they rock.
 My sweet baby. Bonnie. When I studied abroad in Italy for 4 months, it was harder to say goodbye to my dog then my family. Is that bad? but I justify myself by saying that you can talk to your mom on the phone, but your dog? She is just at home wondering where you went.
 I just had to add this picture. This is the boys at the beach before the now infamous "polar bear jump" into the ocean. 11'oclock at night, 28 degrees. oh yeah. they did.
I had to end with another picture of Bonnie. Cause she's wonderful. So send some loving feelings my families way this week, and I'll be back tomorrow with project from my parents house- pretty big!


  1. Enjoyed the pictures, and I like the new design for your blog! Very nice!
    I'm glad your time with Bradley was good before he left. We'll definitely be praying for him!

  2. To Bradley: THANK YOU for protecting and serving our country. It is because of men like you that our country was founded and has survived--what a legacy!

    Your family does not know me, I just enjoy A Creative Day and wanted to thank you; our military personnel do not get thanked adequately or enough. We who are left at home cannot imagine all that your job entails. I've heard this poem ( and only get a glimpse of what your service means, but I offer the most humble "thank you" for all that you do.

    From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU for your service and sacrifice.

  3. Alissa, thank you so much for your sweet comment. It really lifted my day. I appreciate my brother and other in the military so much and hearing your support really means a lot! Keep reading and thanks again!


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