Thursday, January 6, 2011

Well Hello Again...

Hello dear readers, I'm back! Although I was really back Monday morning, but I have refused to believe that the holidays are really over and I have to work again now. Oh well. Christmas was WONDERFUL, full of family and good food. We picked up my brother, who is an official Loadmaster and Airman now! from the airport the day before Christmas Eve (and yes, I was crying!). Then we spent Christmas Eve with Luke's family at his grandparents house, which was wonderful, and did I mention that everyone in Luke's family (excluding moi) have AMAZING voices, and they sang parts of the Hallelujah chorus together- it was beautiful. Christmas morning was spent with my fam and then we headed to the beach. ahhhh, relaxation. I promise I will share pics when I steal them from my mom's camera (I forgot mine), but today I just wanted to drop in and say hello and show you something that appeared in my stocking-

both available here. I have devoured them from cover to cover and they are perfection. Bold, but perfection. Jonathan manages again and again to pull off color combos that are definetly not for the fainthearted. Think retro blue foil hexagon wallpaper mixed with blue hexagon carpet!!! Ahhh, Mr. Adler, I love you.

xoxo,  Eileen

P.S- Ummm, you like the new makeover???  I have been working on it all day today while the hubs recovers from getting his wisdom teeth out, poor thing. Send some good wishes our way!

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  1. nice stocking stuffers! and loooving the new look, perfect for this fresh new year!:) hope luke heals quickly, our good wishes are definitely with him!


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