Wednesday, February 2, 2011

(Finally) A sneak peak into my home

Well dear readers, I am finally ready to give you a peek into my home. We've been here almost 6 months and not much is done. Ahhh life. I am also really struggling with the renting aspect of living right now, I don't want to put any money into somewhere I may only be for a year or two. What I mean by that is, although I want it to be comfortable and fun and reflect our personalities, I don't want to invest in furniture pieces that may or may not fit in when we buy. Its a constant struggle when I see these amazing lucite chairs, or parson table, or incredible window treatments that I really want. Tell me fellow renters, how do you do it? How do you make your home reflect you while still address the "temporary" aspect of renting?

 When we first moved in. You can see I don't have that much to work with, about 1100 sq. feet total. But we absolutely LOVE the location, right on the river and downtown. Its amazing to wake up to the sound of the water every morning, and we kayak all the time when the weather is nice.
Below is my favorite change. Its amazing what a little paint can do! Our dining room was dark and dull, so I added a focal wall with $15 dollars of benj moore paint. Big difference. (One tip is, always think about light reflectivity. The back wall just died in the dining area, so I used an eggshell paint to add something for the light to bounce off of.)

(getting new lamps by the way)
In real life, the paint is a lot more turquoise. So you remember my console that i redid here? Well, it got redone again! This time in white lacquer. It took me 6 coats total to get it where I wanted it! I was up at 8:30 in the morning before work frantically rolling on my last coat! (See, in my ideal home, this is where my parson console table would go, not this piece which I am totally over. But it works)

 Living Room, not much to report. I love our yellow cocktail tables and I going shopping with a friend on Monday to get some drapes to DIY Kristen's fab drapes for in here.Excuse the boring wall color and yucky carpet. Nothing I can do there! Below- drapes to come soon. Dont' you love them!
Other side of room. Love our chaise. When luke makes a fire, I snuggle up here and read.
 Another example of  making do with what we have. I found the most amazing piece of artwork for over my sofa but at the $500 price tag, it was not coming home with me. So I hung a couple of prints we already owned and framed a piece of fabric and done. Until I save up for my dream piece, this works for me!
 I hope you enjoyed my home, and I really would love some encouragement and ideas from fellow renters (or home owners, I'm not cutting you out, just jealous!) about how to make your temporary home reflect you without going overboard!




  1. Pictures! Yay! I think the apartment looks cozy and lovely. I especially like what you did in your dining room. Beautiful color!

  2. i love that focal wall in your dining room! so fun! and i love the idea of just framing a simple piece of fabric... will have to try that, for sure.

    am also loving your kate spade post below... sigh.

  3. wow! looks like something from an interior magazine! good job!!

  4. LOVE your dining room! Try painting the $500 piece of art yourself- seriously! I attempted it, and although the outcome didn't look one bit like the original, it was still really pretty and hangs in our living room. Also, you could try using area rugs atop the carpet to add definition and a possible pop of color. My husband and I are getting ready to move to the Upstate, so we will be heading over to the renting category. Decorating will be a little more challenging, but that's the fun part!

  5. I second the notion of trying to paint your own art. Pick something kinda modern and it's like paint by numbers. lol
    I love the dining area, so pretty!! love the lamps. I am a fellow lamp tramp. :)
    I tagged you with the stylish blogger's on my last post.

  6. Thanks for all the encouragement! I do love my focal wall, it makes me happy every time i walk in.

    Caroline- I might have to try the painting it myself idea. eek! I'll let you know how it goes! I'm from the upstate, where are you moving? I would love to be in greenville, its my favorite place, sigh...

    Katy- Thanks a million!!! and I totally am a lamp tramp. we should start a club for the fellow lamp obsessed!

  7. thank you! :)
    your little blue wall with the mirror and big lamps is an awesome area! i LOVE it, and it's making me want to paint something that reminds me of carries apartment redo in sex and the city! :) love it!

  8. Kristen- thanks! I'm glad you like my wall!! I do love SatC, and her apartment redo was one of my favorite parts in the movie (I know, I'm a design junkie :-) I can't help it!!!

  9. I so love your little coffee tables! I think you've done an amazing job with your space! Its so hard when its temporary.


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