Monday, February 21, 2011

I'm Obsessed...

with this outfit. Everything about it. the detail on the dress, the unexpected sweatshirt, and those boots! Which are from Target!! Laura is a Visual Manager for Anthropologie, isn't that the most amazing job ever! see post here.


Lydia said...

Easily understood obsession - I want her hair, too!
I just had to find an excuse to comment because the world is so small - I've been reading your blog every now and then, and then my boyfriend's car broke down. Sounds like they have nothing to do with each other - but WAIT! My boyfriend started getting rides to/from Lexington High School with a certain Benjamin Beaver. I knew there had to be some connection because of the Clemson / Spanish thing, but it took until he told my boyfriend, Clay, that I was friends with his brother on Facebook to place everything. TOO FUNNY! I told Clay to tell Benjamin that I remembered Luke playing guitar in my room first semester freshman year and how you were best friends with my roommate and oh what a small world it is! As soon as I made the connection and told Clay I knew exactly who his brother was, he was mid telling Benjamin this morning in the car and Luke was two cars ahead of them in traffic! Hilarious. Anyway, I love, love, love your blog - I'm DYING for some chevron curtains myself but last semester of grad school isn't exactly the right time to start up a project.

i hope you all have a creative day said...

Ummmmm that is the craziest thing ever!!!! What a small small world! Doesn't it seem like freshman year was SOOO long ago?? I don't feel that grown up though :-) How is grad school going? Yay for it being the last semester! I'm glad you like my curtains, they seriously took 6 hours!

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