Thursday, February 10, 2011

Stylish Blog Award

I've received the Stylish Blog Award from the super awesome Katy of Mom and Her Drill, and if you don't already stalk her, you should! She's super awesome and I'm totally intimidated by all the stuff she does, I'm not brave enough to attempt half of it!
So what this Award means is that I have to share some stuff about me, and pass the award on to some peeps I think are pretty awesome. So here goes,

1. I talk about the characters of "Friends" like they are real people. I have watched the series at least 6 times all the way through. 

2. Sometimes I wonder how I do this all day. I mean, I work at a design firm all day and then I come home and dream up ideas for my house. and I love every minute of it. Do I have a problem?

3.  I have an unhealthy obsession with hot tea. I drink at least 2 cups a day and when my mom and I get together, its more like 3 or 4.

4. I am a jacket whore. I have just about every Patagonia, Mountain Hardware, and North Face jacket they make. I'm not even lying. Its an expensive hobby but I can't stop.

5. I miss my best friend a lot. Like a lot. And she only lives like 1.5 hours away.

6. I would be completely happy to sit on the beach all day every day.

7. I developed a love for fashion when I was very young. I mean, like totally unreachable for real people fashion. Pucci, Yves Saint Laurant, Bottega Veneta, Dior, Prada, Viktor and Rolf, Alexander McQueen. I just love the creative aspect of design and religiously watch all the shows every season.

And I'm passing this on to some other fabulously stylish bloggers... you should totally check them out!

The Life of Riley

See Girl Cook 

k.f.d designs

Design Darling

Urban Grace Interiors

Wanderings of a Wannabe

Thanks again for the nomination Katy!



  1. You're welcome, you're way more stylish and creative than I am. I can only copy others when it comes to designs and colors etc. All of my energy goes into building the "architecture" that I like. :)

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