Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Thanks Kristen!

Today is a great day. Its 78 degrees, all the doors and windows are open and the sun is shining. These are the days when I am so grateful I live in the South. 78 degrees in February. yes. But the weather isn't the only reason today is awesome!
1. The drapes are done. Done done done!

2.  I sent my pics to Kristen and she loved them and featured them on her blog. How awesome is that! Apart from being super creative and awesome, she is so sweet and got back to me within a day! So head over HERE to see the post she did.

If you have been reading my blog for any time at all, you know that I hate my carpet. Hate it. But so are the woes of renting. When I was planning out my chevron pattern, I planned the top stripe to be a lot wider than the bottom stripe to add weight to the top of the curtains and draw your eye up, away from the carpet.

So funny story with the drapes. I went over to my friends house on Saturday, we were planning to do our drapes together in a few hours. Easy peasy right? Ohh nooo. 5 hours later, I was done. the drapes were 3 different widths, so that made it challenging (read: awful). The top of the drapes were 56", the middle were about 57 1/2", and the bottom was 57". I mean WTF??? Laying out the drapes and getting all the lines straight took a while, (disclaimer here. I'm an architecture grad and thus SUPER anal. i want everything to line up EXACTLY right.) Andrea finally looked at me, and said, "Ok, its time to move on. We are eyeballing it." Ahh, it was tough to let it go but they ended up looking great!
What do you think? You like??? And a big thanks again to Kristen for featuring my project!!




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