Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Craigslist Score!

       So I scored a vintage campaign dresser for $45 this weekend, what did you do? But oh, this chest has a story, so listen up. So it all started when my friend Jen emailed me some things she thought I might like from craigslist. She is that friend who is super crafty and awesome and always manages to find the best stuff- like this dresser. A few days went by after she emailed me and I had forgotten all about it- then the weekend rolled around and I pulled up her email, realized how much I wanted it (I have been wanting a campaign dresser for over a year), so L and I called and the owners said to head on over. As we were looking over the piece, we opened the drawer and I saw a stamp I recognized, and said 'SOLD." What was this stamp you ask? Oh yes, this dresser is a Hickory Chair dresser, which would probably retail for close to $2000!!! How crazy! (note, this is only crazy moment #1.)
         So fast forward to us in the car on the way home. I immediately send out a text to my friend Anna, she and I both are obsessed with anything design, and I had to share. So I send the text and immediately my phone starts ringing. Its Anna, and she is like "where did you get that?" It turns out she was going to buy the dresser that afternoon as well! She had already rented our friends truck and left a message at the owners house- 5 minutes after L and I called! How crazy is that??? I told her it just meant we think alike and have similar great taste. She did still agree to be friends with me :-) And thats crazy moment #2!

         Now, what do to with this dresser? Shall we paint it high gloss white... like this?
 or like everyone's favorite image from Lonny, kelly green?
Thoughts anyone??

P.S excuse the template changes going on- I get obsessed. 


  1. I vote the color only because I want to see someone with design skills do the second one. I think it will look beautiful! Plus, color is fun!

  2. That kelly green is killer! I vote option número dos.

  3. you are on crack, please bring that dresser on sunday, you can leave her here to live with me and the menagerie. i challenge you to make another template for your blog by sunday? yes? I drink too much coffee. LOVE YOU cant wait.


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