Monday, March 28, 2011

Stop the presses = coolest wall stencils EVER!

Have you guys heard of Olive Leaf Stencils? Well if you haven't, you are going to slap yourself for all the days you went without knowing about it! Olive is a awesomely talented illustrator who has turned toward creating super awesome stencils for all of us not talented peeps. And they are all super affordable- from $30-$60, gives you the look of expensive wallpaper without the cost!

The top one is totally coming home with me for my bedroom. I am thinking about spacing them farther apart to look a la Kristen,
 or do the damask in a subtle color, a la Lauren
and not to make you sick, but we just missed an awesome giveaway from Olive courtesy of the totally cool chick Amber (I found Olive on her site), which if you aren't following her already- you totally should!


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