Friday, April 1, 2011

$3.00 lamp revamp...

Remember my cute $3.00 thrift store teal lamp? After rewiring it (who knew L was awesome at wiring? I married a keeper!) and a new shade from target, look how cute it looks on my bookshelf! (excuse the cord and the lysol, haven't had time to run it down the back of the shelf! also a disclaimer- those white candlesticks normally go on my mantle, which was in the process of being cleaned!)
Happy Friday everyone! L and I are going to be home this weekend, going out for dessert with friends tonight and the amazing farmer's market that has gorgeous flowers tomorrow morning and then leaving for market with my best on Sunday! So excited :-) What do you all have planned?


  1. Luv it! Thanks for dessert & awesome scarf!!!

  2. i love the title of this post! lol


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