Monday, April 18, 2011

I'm working on it...bedroom edition

Well lovelies how was your weekends? We were excited to have a relaxing weekend at home with no plans, it poured rain most of the day Saturday which led to a late breakfast in bed and lots of coffee! Crafty Fest was awesome, I got some beautiful earrings which I'm obsessed with (i'll try to upload a pic later). L and I were actually very productive, we cleaned our entire apt and finished up some projects for our bedroom I have been wanting to do for forever! if you remember, this is what our bedroom looked like when we moved in, I'm embarrassed to even show this to you!
And here it is now.
You like? We recovered our headboard with some linen and added some black and white euros from Ikea. I found the long neckroll at Target in the teen bedding section! (hey, sometimes inspiration can strike anywhere, right?!) They peacock drapes are also from Ikea. The bedskirt has been a work in progress, I had found some fabric I loved, but it was expensive of course, and I didn't want to put money into a custom one. So out came the DIY.

Umm, $12.50 bedskirt on sale from target? Yes please. I got some black ric-rac from Michael's and glued away, and I love the little detail it adds. So total = $20.00, as opposed to $150. I'll take it!

The other side of the room- I hung 4 prints that our Italian friends Terry and Susi gave us for our wedding. I always hang my curtains above the window to give height and drama to the room.
So its coming along. I find that everything I do is a work in progress, I never actually "finish" a room. I will totally change everything, Like that neckroll may head to our couch and the prints may go in our dining room. I may have a problem. It comes with thinking about interior design all day at work, you can't just shut that off! (at least thats what I tell L as I am moving our couch again!) oh well.
Happy Monday everyone- we have a busy day at the office and a meeting with a really fun client, so its going to be a good day! Did you all do anything fun over the weekend?


  1. Love it-I really like the black paired with the aqua and lime green!

  2. such a pretty combination of colors! you are so talented, eileen.:) i'm impressed.


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