Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring Fever

Lets revamp ourselves and our homes for spring, shall we?

The perfect clutch.

 A statement piece of jewerly.
 The perfect dress for all of our spring parties. (from anthro of course)
 While we are on the party note- how perfect would these fun hand towels be for a hostess gift? Ok, back to revamping....

something yummy smelling for our living room...

2 unashamedly girlie pink pillows along with 2 graphic black and white pillows on a neutral sofa would definitely be a fun spring look.

A colorful new frame and a new coffee table book to inspire us, and we are officially ready for spring!
I find I am always moving everything I own. Nothing is safe. L will come home and all the furniture is in different rooms and in different positions! I find that especially when the seasons change I want something a little different, a new piece or two to revamp what I own and give it a new look. Throw pillows are definitely the easiest way to change a room's feel and I love these two opinions from Furbish. It gives a subtle nod to this season's it color, pink, all the while still keeping our fun more modern look. (All items except the dress from Furbish )
How do you change it up for spring? (especially on a budget?) Any tips?

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