Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Before and After: Craigslist Dresser

You remember my $45 campaign Craigslist steal?

Well she has a new life now, courtesy of a LOT of sanding, polishing and painting. I used oil based paints for the first time ever and I am never going back. The fumes and the cleanup were a little more heavy but the paint went on so easily and the end result looks like a professional job- I used a very smooth roller for everything so I didn't get any brush marks and we sanded and primed it so the surface was completely smooth.
I had the hardest time picking a color. Right now the chest is in my bedroom but when we move I want to use it our future entry hall or dining room- so I had to think down the road in terms of color. As tempting as it was to do the kelly green- I wanted something more flexible. I picked (actually Nan (my boss) told me to use this color and its perfect! Gray but with some brown undertones so its warm. Its Sherwin Williams Anonymous in High Gloss Oil, if you wanted to know )

I also love my new lamp from World Market- it was the last one they had left on the floor and the shade was a  little dirty so they gave it to me for 20% off!

 What do you think? A big difference?


  1. So glad you shared a link to this--it turned out beautifully!! You styled it so well too!



  2. beautiful.great shine. love that shade of gray!

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