Friday, May 6, 2011

Inspiration: DIY artwork

When I saw this project on Bryn's blog- I kinda freaked out a little inside. How awesome does her DIY artwork look! So easy and simple. She just traced an image she liked onto vellum and framed it in a floating mat. And it looks awesome! I totally want to do a set of 3 for above my couch.
her original print from Vintage Printable, which is such an amazing site. All of their images are royalty free so you can download and print them for your home- instant artwork!

I would love to frame some of these floor plans or elevation drawings...

 Or I love these trees and coral...

Floating frames are easy to find, actually Walmart has a good selection and I like the selection of these from Amazon. A 13x16 is $17.99, I would make the drawing about a 8x10 to allow a lot of the glass to show.
Happy Weekend Everyone! L and I get to see some sweet friends get married! And then I'm meeting up for a bachelorette party for one of my best friends! Its going to be a good time :-) What about you? Any exciting plans ?


  1. We have some of these in my dining room at home and they are amazing. Gold frame on chocolate walls with botanical prints.

  2. Great ideas as always, Eileen. Thank you for sharing! ... Love, Kimberly


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