Thursday, May 12, 2011

drool worthy dining room.

At least, I think its drool worthy because its what I am doing in my dining room! L and I are thinking of moving AGAIN, I know its crazy but we are so tired of apartment life and really want to have a house so I can get a puppy. (A golden retriever puppy, because they are the best. period.) So we have been looking at a few houses and all of them have a bigger dining room than my teeny tiny one now, so that means I can pull out my awesome dining room table that L made for me as a wedding present. ( I know, he's the best) Its a very simple rustic table made from some antique boards his dad had lying around from an old saw mill.

I am going to start with dark navy walls- add my table, favorite eames chairs from, and one of my favorite rugs that is also available at World Market. Of course every room needs a parson table, don't you think? My splurge is going to be the Arteriors chandelier, I love it. Add some DIY artwork along the lines of what is shown above (but probably with more orange, chartreuse, gray type dots) and some fun robert abbey lamps and done. L seems to think I am jumping the gun having our future dining room all figured out considering that we don't even know where we are moving yet- but I say I'm just planning ahead. It never hurts to be prepared! What do you think? 

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