Wednesday, June 15, 2011

DIY Dining Table: Summer Project 1

Do ya'll remember this chalkboard table from Design Sponge? Well, its happening in my house. At our old apartment, we had an amazing table that L made for me, (see here) but our dining room at our new place is a lot smaller and i knew when we moved we would have to find something else. I looked on craigslist and thrift stores and couldn't find anything until my mom called me one day and had found one which had good lines. Sold. It is in pretty bad shape and I have just covered it up with an old throw knowing I would have to do something about it but was too lazy. Then it hit me, "Chalkboard paint can make anything cool. I should do that to my table. Done." So i'm whipping out the sander and getting to work. (keep your fingers crossed for me, the top of our table is laminate (of course) and i've never painted laminate so we will see how it goes!)

Design Sponge Table Before:

 Love how they wrote the menu on the table- and if you have a dinner party- you don't need place cards...
Our table Before:

I think this will make my table livable for now- and when we move- we can transfer this table into a study or office and use it for workspace. (Next project, redo console.)


  1. i LOVE this idea! never would have thought of it....brilliant! can't wait to see your redo.:)

  2. Fantastic! Makes me scratch my head and think if I could make the same as you did on your table! Very clever!

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