Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Etsy roundup

I love etsy, I know we all do! But it can be super overwhelming for me to try to narrow down all the options, a lot of times I feel like I have seen that before or its just 'ok', so I always love when other bloggers share some of their go-to shops that make shopping handmade totally worth it. So I thought I would hop on that bandwagon and start sharing some of my favorite shops once a week or so... Do you every feel that way about etsy and do you have some shops that you love and I need to add to my favorites??

Jewerly designed by an architecture graduate- is there any doubt I would love it???

 Tie dye scarf... love
 Very well edited and beautiful pottery-  think lots of fun vibrant colors

 His and her's lucite trays.... ahhhhhh
 I'm ordering one of these clutches but can't decide which one! I actually want to order one of everything from this shop...

 Ahhh which one???? I LOVE both
Comment with your favorite shops!

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