Thursday, July 21, 2011

Internet Guru

I have a confession. I hate shopping for things on the internet. I know there are great places to find fabric, accessories and rugs online but I can't ever find them. I sit down with all intent to search out the best deals and within 5 minutes, I get overwhelmed and quit. That's why I'm so grateful for other designers and bloggers sharing their sources, otherwise, I would never find anything. Like this week, I was trying to help my friend Anna in her search for a great fabric, see post here.... and I quit within 5 minutes with a massive headache. Here is where my friend Jen comes in, otherwise known as can find anything on the internet and always finds the best fabrics and deals, she is the one who found my craigslist dresser for me!  Anyhow, I was asking her for a good cheap fabric line that isn't to the trade, and she told me about designer Joel Dewberry, who I am sure you all know about but is new to me! Such great high end looking designs for CHEAP! check him out!!


all available here


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