Tuesday, August 2, 2011

DIY: No Sew Table Skirt!

I can't sew. Not at all. Sewing machines intimidate me. I normally just beg my super crafty friends to help me when I need something, but when it came to making a table skirt for my dining room console I knew I would have to get creative. So, behold the table skirt made solely with burlap, hem tape and velcro! I think it looks pretty good, and thought I would do instructions for all those like me who get scared when they think of sewing a pillow cover...so enjoy!

Finished product:
Side note: I never know why this wall appears so 'blue' in pictures, its totally turquoise (BM surf blue)


1. Cut your fabric. (all pieces need to be sized for your individual piece- but because we are using hem tape, make sure they are about 2" too big on all sides so you have enough to fold and iron for your hem tape)
2. Front piece- fold and iron your front sides to make straight lines (don't worry about the fabric for the top, we will deal with that later)
 3. Magic hem tape baby.

 4. After you make your front piece, go ahead and make your corner pieces(the edges don't need to be finished on this piece because it will be covered with your other panels)
 5. Make a tight fold and hot glue the fold so it stays tight. Then use velcro pieces to attach the panel to the edges of the table 

 6. Next we are going to attach our top and front panel using velcro. heck yes. Do you see now why we made the top piece longer and wider than it needs to be? So we can fold over the fabric over the edge of the console and velcro to the side and back, thus avoiding a thick hem on the top.

7. Fold your extra fabric over and attach the velcro to the fabric and table with hot glue, and let the velcro do its thing. Repeat for the top's back and sides.  You don't have to have a continuous strip of velcro- it can be spaced apart, we did ours in 6" strips with 6" between each strip. Make sure you don't velcro right up to the edges on the sides so it doesn't bunch

 8. Now make your sides. Use hem tape to finish the edges into a rectangle the height of your console, and make the width a few inches longer than your side so you can extend the panel onto the back of your console to make sure the side is completely covered. 

9. Use hem tape to attach your side panels, (see how making the panel a few inches too long and extending to the back makes the edges cleaner?)
 10. Done! At this point I stole Kristen of KFD Designs fabulous idea and make a greek key pattern, she used grosgrain ribbon but I didn't have any, so we used electrical tape, sketchy I know!- see we in the design world have all kinds of secrets!

 I didn't even measure, I just eyeballed it.
 Kristen's final, hers is more complicated than mine!

My final!

 Can you see Luke peeking out from under the console? Haha he was getting bored!

Hope this helps! If any of the steps don't make sense, email me and I'll try to explain!

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