Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Etsy Roundup- yellow is my color

Its funny what I'm drawn to on Etsy different weeks. I think I am just randomly picking my favorite things, but looking back over them I start to see trends- maybe representing how I feel this week? So since my 'theme' this week is yellows and pinks/reds- does that mean I'm happy? Which I am... so I guess etsy is right on! What are your favorite finds this week?

Such fun earrings- only $10!

 Kaftan dress that I would wear almost every day.
Yellow fade pottery. love this. so delicate

 pretty knobs to dress up a furniture piece.  From Anna's shop!

quartz ring. no more needs to be said. 

 perfect v-neck top for fall
 pretty cards that make writing notes fun
and some sunshine for your munchkins- for only $7.50!


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