Monday, September 19, 2011

Before and After: $15 side table

Anna and I went thrifting a little while ago and we scored some awesome finds! She took me to this one place that I was kinda scared to go in- but she dragged me in and I'm glad we went! I found a little side table for $15- I've been looking for something a little heavier then the leggy table I have and this one had great lines and such a fun cutout on the side! I couldn't decide what color and Anna suggested coral, and it looks so fun! (after discovering that it had about 4 coats of thick paint on it and had to be completely sanded down. It took Luke forever to sand it and he was covered in the dust of brown, green, and blue paint- just 3 of the coats on it!)

And here it is after:
(notice how my shelves are completely disorganized and almost empty?? ahhh, the perks of moving. This is the only corner in my house that isn't completely ransacked and a mess.) Can't wait to get in the new house!


  1. Oh, love it! Great color too. :)

  2. Love love LOVE me some poppy orange! It adds so much to your little corner! Well done.
    Thank you for the sweet comment today at MLHP!

    alison g.
    MyLittleHappyPlace blog

  3. This side table is beautiful! The orange add a great color to the room!!

  4. Oh Yay! I'm so happy you found me, because now I get to enjoy your blog as well! Love your style! Count me as a follower :)!

  5. How do you two DO IT?! Can I commission ya'll? I'm desperate for a side table for my bedroom!

  6. haha Lydia- I love doing it, Luke just tolerates all the crazy things I think up! you should totally check out His House thrift store (there is a great one in lexington) and they have a great furniture selection!


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