Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Let's be thoughtful

 Recently I've been drawn to rooms that have a slightly moody quality to them, like they aren't quite happy, more thoughtful. Instead of my favorite bright turquoise and chartreuse, I'm more into dark greys and navy's with brass accents, and my pins on pinterest prove it. Maybe its because fall is coming, but I've been craving rooms with more warmth. What do you think, would you do the moody look? 


 Benjamin Moore Mink. Such a a great dark brown but still has a lot of grey in it.


  1. I've been the same way for the past year! I redid my living room in a dark grey because of it (it used to be a light green/blue...very airy) and I couldn't be happier with the change. Now I want to redo all the rooms in my house to make them more moody :) And I LOVE that BM Mink color.

  2. Umm I just checked out your living room on your blog and I love it. Such a great color! and yes, i want every room in my house to be moody, thats not overkill is it? haha!


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