Thursday, October 6, 2011


hey lovelies! Thanks so much for all the support as I was moving this past weekend, we got it done! I HATE MOVING. I'm not organized normally so it stresses me out trying to organize everything I own, and it invariably ends up with me running around realizing that I have my socks but no shoes, the shampoo and toilet paper are at the old house and I can't find my shirts. I got so stressed on Thursday night that when Luke got home I was buried in the bed with my head under the covers hoping it would all go away. Thank heavens for sweet husbands, Luke got me out of bed and took me to dinner and watched some "Friends" with me and I was all better to tackle the mess.
We LOVE our new house, it has creaky hardwood floors, high ceilings, lots of windows and a fireplace. We are getting all settled in and I am painting this weekend and can't wait to show you what I have planned for my living room, its going to be so fun! my Mom got me some beautiful mums for our front porch, I feel so grown up.We are so happy to be done with apartment living! I have a front porch, with a hammock and mums. Its official, I'm an adult. It feels good.

The house def needs a little work, I cleaned for about 8 hours on Saturday and the dining room chandelier that was here looks like something out of Star Wars. Even though we are just renting, I def think that has to change.

 And Luke looked at me and asked if I could change the fabric that was left over the door, haha. So I'm thinking of doing a burlap no sew roman, have ya'll tried that?

 But besides those few little things, we are loving our new place and settling right in, I'll keep you posted on living room progress this weekend! 

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  1. I miss old creaky wood floors! How exciting for you both and congrats! PS- my baby boy's name is Luke, so of course I love your husband's name! :)


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