Sunday, November 20, 2011

$2 chair redo and a few other things

*Warning, Random post.... I'm writing this during the AMA's so I'm keeping one eye on Nicki Minaj (who else is obsessed with her??)*
Anna and I went thrifting a couple of weeks ago and she spotted this chair for me. I always drag her (read: beg her to come) along with me cause she has an awesome eye for this kind of stuff.
It had really damaged caning in the back but it was only $2.00. SOLD. This weekend we cut the caning out and painted it black using Jenny's recommendation for oil based paint (Sidemark: I LOVE oil based paints and use them whenever I can, the finish always beats any latex I've seen) 
I've had my eye on this fabric for a while and this was the perfect place for it. Every house needs a little dalmatian print, right??

 We had one of those weekends that make life worth living. Plenty of relaxing and a breakfast date at the Gourmet shop that included the perfect latte...
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And I need ya'lls advice. I REALLY REALLY need a new camera. bad. see pics above of the chair.... grainy. Drives me crazy. So Santa is bringing me one for Christmas but I dont know which one to get. I don't want a crazy expensive one but I do want a nice one. Do any of ya'll have ones that you love? Pls share :-)
(I warned you this was a random post)
How was ya'lls weekends??


  1. The chair is my favorite. Now I wish I kept it and did it myself instead of encouraging you to get it. :)

  2. The chair looks awesome, great job! I use a Cannon Rebel T1i, and really love it. The model is probably about 3 years old now, so you might be able to find a used one on Ebay or something for a decent price.

  3. Cute chair re-do. I love latex paints too, the fnish is so nice!

  4. Love, love the chair! Where did you find that AMAZE fabric?

  5. love this random post :) that chair looks fabulous!!

  6. Hi Eileen!

    Thank you the follow and I'm now your newest follower! I can already tell i'm in for a long night since I'm already sucked in to your blog! : ) Love love love this chair re-do - it's honestly one of the classiest (non-cheesy) chair re-dos I've seen lately! Can't wait to read more!


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