Friday, November 18, 2011

Lets mix things up... Friday's Fancies

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Happy Friday everyone! Sorry I've been a little scarce this week, I've been hanging with my brother and fam enjoying him being back from deployment :-)
I'm linking up again with av's friday's fancies. I'm loving this series, its so much fun to pull together a look and not ever look at the $$$! We can all dream right?? This week was about mixing prints and patterns, which is hard to do without looking like you got dressed with your eyes closed, so head on over to Long Distance Loving for some inspiration about how to do it right!

P.S Would you wear my outfit??


  1. Cute mix and match outfit!! Love the bracelets:)

  2. Yes! I would totally wear that outfit hehe. So funky and cute :)

  3. I love this outfit! The ombre fur vest and the shoes, perfect with the scarf! And of course the blue dress. Great look!
    Following your blog now

  4. I would totally wear this outfit if I had somewhere fancy to go. I love it! New to your blog, new follower- you are too cute!

  5. I would totally wear that outfit! That shade of blue is gorgeous! And are those House of Harlow accessories? So cute!

  6. Loving how rich and luxurious this color palette is.

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  7. Leeann, Yes those are house of harlow! I'm obsessed with her line!
    Thanks for the sweet comment :-)

  8. Such a unique combination but I want the whole outfit! That scarf pops so well against the dress.


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