Thursday, November 3, 2011

Look for Less: JCREW booties

 So I've been wanting these booties from JCREW since they appeared on their website, but at the price of $198, I thought I would prob have to wait to put them on my christmas list for Santa to bring me :-)

But I was at Target yesterday and spotted these... and for $29.99, I think they might be a good substitute and I don't have to wait till Christmas... what do you think??


  1. amazing substitute -- i almost like them better. The heel is larger and i like the covered suede!

  2. I saw those at Target the other day too and love them! I purchased a similar pair from Old Navy not too long ago that are a gray color like the JCrew version. They're extremely comfy and don't look like I paid Old Navy prices for them either. I do like how the Target boots fold over at the top. Very cute!!

  3. I have some grey shoes like those JCrew oneS that I found at Marshall. They have a higher heel and don't fold over. That's a good substitute you found... I like them better than the pricier ones!

  4. The SAME thing happened to me! They're so adorable but the price tag was a little steep. I actually just bought two pairs of the Dolce Vita Pilar booties today. I got them for a steal off of Amazon! They look similar (but are completely covered in suede). Zappos sells them too, but they're more expensive there. Check them out!


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