Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Makes me...

This makes me want to color coordinate my books...

This pic I saw at Anna's makes me want to  buy those 2 mirrors ASAP and hang on either side of a window...

This makes me want to paint a crazy pattern on my walls..

And this makes me want to spray paint a massive leaf and mat it huge...

What do you want to do??
images via pinterest


  1. my books are!! but they don't look as cool as these.
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  2. That bookshelf is so crazy good, it's not even funny! I agree with you on all of these, and I love the idea of spray painting a leaf!

  3. I want the painting in that last image. Such a great room, and that painting is soo original!

  4. I'm with you with that crazy pattern, I'm about to get a sharpie right now and go to town!


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