Monday, November 28, 2011


Our Thanksgiving was perfect. Lots of fun times with family eating, shopping and just hanging out. We spent lots of time with my brother Bradley before he leaves again for deployment this week and  had a family jam sesh that included Britney Spears classic Hit me baby. I won't say that Bradley had a solo during that song but he might have.
Black Friday was so much fun, we didnt get up super early but still found lots of deals. People were crazy this year, did you hear about the pepper spray incident in Cali? And in my parents little town of Anderson, some man trampled this women and broke her shoulder!!! 

We attempted to get together and take some pictures, let the fun commence....
me and Bonnie
 my sweet hubs
My mom wanted a pic of my siblings and me and Luke, and this is what she got. 
 I don't think Bradley can take a normal pic
 This is my fav shot from the week!  Me, my little sis and my cousin
p.s I know she's going to kill me for posting this... haha
How was your thanksgiving? Did you score any great deals on Black Friday??


  1. did you see Luke's mom? tell her I said hello! :) And I won't go out on Black Friday because people are CRAZY!!

  2. cute pictures! what an adorable dog! i have 2 golden retrievers so they are my favorite! :)

  3. Miranda, goldens are the BEST! I love them :-)


  4. I want to give Bonnie a hug!! what a cutie.

  5. The hubs looks like Ringo Star. :)


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