Thursday, December 1, 2011

Style Profile: Nicole

This women can do no wrong. Everything she puts on her body is stunning, not to mention her House of Harlow line is incredible and every piece is on my wishlist. Her boho look is so easy and comfortable but still right on point. She's come a long way from filming "the simple life" with paris! (I totally used to watch that show haha)

all images from google search


  1. Nicole has such amazing style! I totally used to watch the simple life when it was on... ha!

  2. I stinking love her. And Winter Kate and House of Harlow. To quote myself from a post a couple years back, "I'm in love with Nicole's sophisticated, bohemian style - she allows me to dress like a gypsy and still feel responsible."

    Love your post! And blog too!

  3. I love her too!!


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