Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Craigslist Score!

       So I scored a vintage campaign dresser for $45 this weekend, what did you do? But oh, this chest has a story, so listen up. So it all started when my friend Jen emailed me some things she thought I might like from craigslist. She is that friend who is super crafty and awesome and always manages to find the best stuff- like this dresser. A few days went by after she emailed me and I had forgotten all about it- then the weekend rolled around and I pulled up her email, realized how much I wanted it (I have been wanting a campaign dresser for over a year), so L and I called and the owners said to head on over. As we were looking over the piece, we opened the drawer and I saw a stamp I recognized, and said 'SOLD." What was this stamp you ask? Oh yes, this dresser is a Hickory Chair dresser, which would probably retail for close to $2000!!! How crazy! (note, this is only crazy moment #1.)
         So fast forward to us in the car on the way home. I immediately send out a text to my friend Anna, she and I both are obsessed with anything design, and I had to share. So I send the text and immediately my phone starts ringing. Its Anna, and she is like "where did you get that?" It turns out she was going to buy the dresser that afternoon as well! She had already rented our friends truck and left a message at the owners house- 5 minutes after L and I called! How crazy is that??? I told her it just meant we think alike and have similar great taste. She did still agree to be friends with me :-) And thats crazy moment #2!

         Now, what do to with this dresser? Shall we paint it high gloss white... like this?
 or like everyone's favorite image from Lonny, kelly green?
Thoughts anyone??

P.S excuse the template changes going on- I get obsessed. 

Monday, March 28, 2011

Stop the presses = coolest wall stencils EVER!

Have you guys heard of Olive Leaf Stencils? Well if you haven't, you are going to slap yourself for all the days you went without knowing about it! Olive is a awesomely talented illustrator who has turned toward creating super awesome stencils for all of us not talented peeps. And they are all super affordable- from $30-$60, gives you the look of expensive wallpaper without the cost!

The top one is totally coming home with me for my bedroom. I am thinking about spacing them farther apart to look a la Kristen,
 or do the damask in a subtle color, a la Lauren
and not to make you sick, but we just missed an awesome giveaway from Olive courtesy of the totally cool chick Amber (I found Olive on her site), which if you aren't following her already- you totally should!

Friday, March 25, 2011

The winner and 5 things..

drum roll please... Congrats Jenniwaka! I will contacting you within a few days with info on how to get your fabulous prize! Thanks to everyone who commented and showed me love, giveaways are something we are going to be doing a lot more around here, b/c everyone loves free stuff :-)

Does anyone else have MAJOR tgif? Mine has partly to do with the fact that allergies are here, boo. I can't breathe, at all. Nan and I were in Charleston for a couple of days working on a fun new beach house project, think lowcountry style with lots of creams and whites and greens. love it. But I did forget my allergy medicine and bam, the moment we get back it hits. Looks like I will be spending the next few days relaxing and catching up on all the gilmore girls I recorded. Anyway, here are 5 things I am loving this weekend.

1. Trying Amanda's Lemon Sorbet. yum. 
 2. Excited b/c I get to see my best next weekend!
 3. Craving these. Wait, can one crave shoes? I would say so.
 4. How perfect is Natalie Portman? Love that dress.
 5. My new pretty.
Happy Friday everyone!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Etsy Giveaway! You gotta love etsy.

 So excited b/c today is A Creative Day's first giveaway!!  ruby+stella is one of my all time favorite etsy vendors. Jennifer is an incredibly talented stay at home mom whose funky fabric choices make for some awesome pillows. The giveaway is for a $30 credit you can use toward anything in her store- (how to enter details below)

So here's how to enter this totally awesome giveaway. (1) Check out ruby+stella's shop here, (2) make sure you are either a follower or like a creative day on facebook and then (3) leave a comment below with your email so I can contact you if you win!
(winner will be chosen at random Thursday, March 24th.)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Anthro love.

Obsessed with everything about these new anthro dresses. perfect for spring.
shop here.  And stay tuned for a creative day's first GIVEAWAY tomorrow!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Things that make me happy: weekend edition.

The detailing on my new dress...

this $3.00 lamp I found at my favorite thrift store
the pic I snapped off my balcony on Saturday
these AMAZING citrus margaritas that L made this weekend. You really should try them!
And one of my favorite movies of all time = date night on Saturday.
What made you happy this weekend?

Friday, March 11, 2011

Happy Friday!

 image source unknown
This is my favorite bedroom ever. ever. I want to curl up and read a book on that patio all weekend. L and I have a big lot of nothing planned for this weekend. Its going to be amazing. We haven't had a weekend with nothing to do since before Christmas! Isn't that crazy? So I'm looking forward to sleeping in, cracker barrel for breakfast, and movie watching with friends. What do ya'll have planned?
(Lets all pray for those in Japan affected by the Tsunami and Earthquake, and pray for my brother who is stationed in Asia and will be helping with the search and rescue efforts.)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Taking Flight...

I can't believe it, my baby sister is growing up! Tomorrow she leaves for Europe for a school trip-ahhhhhhhhh. I mean, when did she get older than 12?? I'm not handling this very well. She needs to stay little. I spent 3 weeks trying to persuade my family that she was NOT old or mature enough to travel without us. They disagree, and keep throwing in my face that I was a year old than her when I spent 5 months in Italy, and all of my arguments that different people are different and she is DEFINITELY not ready for this fall on deaf ears.
All right, AG, I give up. Go and have fun, but just remember to email me 3 times a day or I will file a missing persons report. And I know you are going to have a great time and look good doing it, b/c you always look more pulled together and cute than me. Love you!
Me and my brother and AG.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Easy DIY: Before and After!

Look at this fun project from my sweet friend Anna! She is an incredible mother of two and a very talented photographer, you should definitely check her out here. When I first saw this project she did- I immediately ran all over my house looking for shades I could DIY! I love how easy this project is and how expensive looking and custom the end result is. The softness of the cream burlap is great- but a gray linen would be fun too. So grab some shades and start hot gluing!

Monday, March 7, 2011


Hey everyone! I know its been a week since I posted, sorry for the disappearance. I had one of THOSE weeks at work. Everything that could go wrong did. And it was all out of our control, there was nothing we could do! We just had to laugh it was so ridiculous. And then this past weekend, L and I went to babysit my cousins for my aunt and uncle to get away. They have 5 kids. Its busy but I love it so much! We always have so much fun and my family means the world to me. When we got back last night I collapsed on the couch with Gilmore Girls (always makes me feel better! Can I get an amen?)  and prayed that this week would be better at work. Thankfully, everything today went smoothly and it looks like the bad spell from last week is broken. (cross our fingers!)  Soooooo deep breath. Its a new week and I will be dreaming about this perfectly styled Tory Burch storefront, its perfection. Look at those lucite door handles! Sigh...

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

To die for...

I know I did a post on an etsy seller yesterday but I just have to share these with you. I'm ordering me a pair pronto. Stunning!
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