Friday, March 30, 2012

rain rain...

a.v always comes up with fun themes for the ladies of Friday's Fancies and this week was what to wear in all those Spring Showers... aka cute rainwear! I had fun pulling an outfit that would be cozy and cute in the rain and still be practical for avoiding all those puddles... The Trina Turk necklace and rainboots have to my favorites, and they are from Target! Thinking of ordering those, what do you think?
Hope everyone has a fun weekend planned hanging out with those you love! Luke and I are planning on watching movies, eating long brunches and shopping in some precious little shops in our favorite town in Nova Scotia... I'm excited to sleep in and drink some mimosas :-)


  1. Oh the rain. I'm getting kind of over the wet weather but I do love dressing up in my rain boots. Those Target ones are super cute and I haven't seen them there yet. I'll have to check that out. The buttons on them are adorable. You should definitely order them :P.

    lacey @ lovely-21

  2. Gorgeous, the necklace has got to be my favorite too!

  3. I can't get over all these adorable things! Especially the rain booties!
    Awesome round up Eileen.
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    x, Anna

  4. Love those adorable little boots. I've seen on a couple of other posts and want to check them out next time I go to Target. Gotta like a good black top and yellow slicker!

  5. Love this Friday Fancies. Those sweet little boots are so fashionable!

  6. How cool are those little booties - love em! And enjoy those mimosas!

  7. those booties are super cute!!! Happy weekend!

  8. love this post! it is soooo rainy here in nyc and i needed a little outfit inspiration for this weather!


  9. Love this! I'm used to this look, as it's basically my everyday attire in Seattle :) hehe...loving the yellow coat!

  10. Rain makes for great coat weather! :)


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