Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Everyday Series: Long Distance Loving

You might know a.v as the blogger behind Long Distance Loving and the popular Friday's Fancies link up... her blog is a daily read for me and I'm so excited to have her over!

Hi! I'm {av}, the blogger behind {long distance loving} and I am SO honored to be a part of The Everyday series! My "everydays" have become infinitely richer since I started blogging in November 2010. With constant streams of inspiration in the blogosphere and on pinterest, I'm constantly finding new and fresh ideas for our future home, my wardrobe, and beyond. Below, you'll find some of that inspiration :) Thanks again for having me, Eileen! xoxo {av}

Everyday Happy: House Edition
{source: left - right}

After nearly three years in our apartment, I find myself aching for our house to be finished. {We started the design process, but sadly, the build won't start until next spring.} Needless to say, I'm dreaming of perfect accent pieces to help bring to life my preppy aesthetic.

Everyday Happy: Closet Edition
{source: left - right}

Closet space is a hot commodity in our apartment, so I dream of the day I can have ample drawers and hanging space. Since I've been on a spending freeze {to help save for the house!}, I'm also dreaming of some bright and colorful additions to my wardrobe.

Everyday Happy: Morning Edition
{source: left - right}

Don't worry--my mornings don't always start with a mimosa, though it would be much more fun if they did! On a perfect day, I'd wake up and have a pain au chocolat and a mimosa {maybe not the most conventional combo!} to greet me. I'm not a coffee drinker {shame, I know!}, so I love little flavorful jolts like these.

Everyday Happy: Relax edition 
{source: left - right}

My happy places are quiet ones, filled with good company and great views. I dream of our wrap-around porch--and the day we can one day have another place to call our own with a lake or ocean view. All the while, I'd have {cv} by my side and a glass of champagne in my hand. Simple perfection.

Everyday Lust: Shopping Edition 
{find them here: bag - bracelet - maxi dress}

Bright colors have really been calling my name this spring. My perennial love of stripes and classic shapes rings true in these choices. I tend to reach for pieces with just the right amount of flair that aren't over the top. These three choices fit that bill!

Everyday Lust: Travel Edition 
{source: left - right top - right bottom}

{cv} and I just booked a European getaway for this summer! We're heading to France, Switzerland, and Germany. Many of our stops are off the beaten path a bit, but we'll be hitting Paris and Munich while we're there too. I cannot wait to be strolling the streets and eating pain au chocolats until I'm stuffed to the brim. 

Everyday Read: Blog Edition
These are three of my new{ish} faves: Design DarlingNote to Self, and vmac+cheese. Though I stumbled upon them a few months ago, I can't stop scrolling through their archives! To pick a handful of blogs is nearly impossible for me though...I have so many blogs I visit daily! 


  1. I just love AV! This is a fantastic series. I think I would be a very happy girl if I had a mimosa every morning on a gorgeous patio!

  2. Thank you so much for having me, Eileen :) It's an honor to be here!!! xoxo {av}

  3. so glad i hopped over here via {av}'s blog - this series is adorable! i love it :)

    - l

  4. Id love to start every day with a mimosa too! Would work frown on that?

  5. Seriously, that closet? Amazing. And I'm always dreaming of a wrap-around porch with a view of the water. Always. ;) xo

  6. Those are lovely pictures of places to sink into and enjoy. oh I love travel pictures, some times I've been there or not.

  7. Loving this series! And that closet above! Nicely done AV. Would also love for you to stop by The Jem Journal for my earring giveaway!

  8. So jealous of your European getaway AV! I'm inspired by all these picks! So gorgeous!


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