Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Everyday Series: Savvy Home

I have a serious girl crush on Gabrielle. Her blog is chock full of gorgeous images and witty text... and if it isn't already a daily read for you... she should be!

Hi everyone, Gabrielle from Savvy Home, really excited to be part of this lovely Everyday series. Let's have a look at what I'm loving these days...

Everyday Happy: House Edition
I just moved in, so there aren't many places in my house that look as they should yet, but I'm really looking forward to setting up this little room which will become my office and dressing room.

Everyday Happy: Closet Edition
My favorite "special" piece is this Dries Van Noten wrap sequin top picked up for a song at a consignment store! As for everyday items, my Jerome Dreyfuss leather jacket, Tara Jarmon shoes and J.Crew necklace are favorites. Paired with jeans and any top, it always looks great.

Everyday Happy: Morning Edition
I'm completely useless in the morning without coffee, and by coffee I mean latte. But my ideal morning includes a good read (paper, blogs, magazine), and a lovely healthy breakfast outside in the sun.

Everyday Happy: Relax edition 
The beach (or any body of water) has a therapeutic effect on me and makes me completely relaxed. Whether I go for a run, swim or just go and watch the sunset, I feel all the problems of the world disappear at the beach.

Everyday Lust: Shopping Edition 
Right now, I'm lusting for many things, but more specifically, I love this navy cabinet from Crate & Barrel paired with the classic La Fiorentina fabric (let's pretend it's in pillow form). As for fashion, I have a mad crush on these super high Louboutin heels and a new pair of jeans from MiH.

Everyday Lust: Pin Edition
 I'm slightly obsessed with how good Kristen Stewart's hair looks in that photo. I'm also loving the pastels, soft stripes and grey grasscloth wallpaper in the photo on the right. I'm definitely keeping this color palette for a future project.

Everyday Lust: Travel Edition 
It seems as though I'm not the only one, but my number one destination right now is Greece.

Everyday Read: Blog Edition
Vmac + Cheese : For recipes, fashion and other non-interior related goodness
Note to Self : For breathtaking graphics, inspirational quotes and pretty pictures
Marcus Design : For some of the best interior inspiration around
The Aestate : For incredibly sweet watercolor drawings
Design Manifest : For inspiring interior design projects
Simply Smitten : For inspiration from someone with impeccable taste
Because it's Awesome : For all kinds of inspiration from a sweet and talented lady

Thanks for having me Eileen! What a fun series!


  1. Talk about eye candy! Yes, I believe I just fell hard for that navy cabinet!

  2. I love all of her picks- especially those sky high pumps!

  3. I love this series Eileen and she is so inspirational!

  4. I adore Gabby! She has such great taste. I love her choices, and her house is already looking fantastic. This is such a fun series!!



  5. love your rug! and Kristen Stewart looks awesome in that photo! She typically looks a little pissed off at life :)

  6. Where do I begin? Gabs, is that a fancy moroccan rug or is it the west elm one? Had my eyes on the west elm one but seems it sold out, love it so much...
    Your clothes are stunning, love those picks! And yes please I want that hair!

  7. Amazing photos! Glad that I found your blog!


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