Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Everyday Series: The Zhush

I want one of everything from Zhush.. Sue has curated a gorgeous shop that constantly makes me add everything to my wish list, and I'm so happy to have her over today! (And can we just talk about how awesome that bar room is?! Love it!)
Everyday Happy: House Edition
This sweet little corner of the room we call the "bar room" makes me so happy! Aside from the fact that this is where we store the booze...The light in this room is very serene, it took forever to get this room set up right, and now that we did it's one of my favorite spots in our house.

Everyday Happy: Closet Edition
These Tkees are making me very happy! I love everything about summer, this includes ditching my big ole' snow boots for light weight little flip flops. Given the choice, I'll always choose casual clothes over dressy, and jeans over dresses. I'll be wearing these every chance I get this summer.

Everyday Happy: Morning Edition

Not the most original answer, but coffee is it for me. I'm so grumpy in the morning, every morning...it's the only thing making me happy.  I literally can't recall the last time I even attempted to start the day without it, I'm going to guess this was in college, but then, that shouldn't really count, because my days probably started around noon...

Everyday Happy: Relax edition 

Any night that I can stay home and relax is a good one.  The most relaxing evenings are either curled up on the couch with my kids watching The Middle and Modern Family, or after the kids have gone to bed, watching all my guilty pleasure reality shows...pretty much anything on Bravo.

Everyday Lust: Shopping Edition 
These Zara pumps! They don't sell them anymore and now they just haunt me...I had the chance to buy them when they were available, and hemmed and hawed and now they are gone! Bring. These. BACK!

Everyday Lust: Pin Edition
Pinterest makes me so happy. Especially when I get to see design elements that are new to me. Like these fab lanterns , cool lucite hardware and that to die for stainless steel stove hood!

Everyday Read: Blog Edition
This one of course! There are so many, it's a bit nuts.  My blog roll speaks volumes as to my never growing list of blogs I love. Also, discovering new-to-me blogs is the best, so in an effort not cop out on this one, two new-to-me blogs that I can't get enough of these days are Le Catch and The Daybook.

Thanks for having me over here today! xx, Sue


  1. Love those Zara pumps..So pretty. This series is so great Eileen!

  2. I, too, love Sue and would like 1 of everything from Zhush!! :)

  3. UGHH I seriously just stalked the internet trying to find those zara pumps! NO WHERE! Unless e-bay and if you're a size 11! :( SOOOO depressed about it.

    Champange Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

  4. anything bravo and andy cohen is right up my alley!! I love her blog + her shop!


  5. These posts are so fun! And I totally agree- I will watch just about anything on Bravo!

    xoxo, Emily

  6. Loved reading these comments, and it was great participating in your fun series, thanks for having me over! xx

  7. I could totally handle that kitchen as mine. mmmm.

  8. I love those pumps..they need to sell those again, stylish but they look comfortable.

  9. Such a fun series and Sue is a fun girl. Love that she has a little corner to chill! xo

  10. Yes, the "bar room" is amazing! Love the trim on the walls!

  11. I love the kitchen! Looks like a relaxing environment to cook in.

  12. Those Zara shoes are seriously perfect. I'm with you- BRING THEM BACK!!


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