Monday, May 21, 2012

You Look Great

I love all my blogging friends, I really do. I'm constantly challenged by all your creativeness and you guys seem to know just the right thing to say when I'm having a bad day or just feel uninspired.
That's why I'm asking you, what are your favorite blogs that you turn turn to time and time again for inspiration? (And yes, it can be you!) I'm looking for more blogs to add to my google reader and want to know who pumps you up about life in general...

PS. Sweet Michaela posted about my DIY foyer wall today... check it out


  1. I love that image! Here a few blogs that I love. For personal inspiration, I love Makeunder my Life. For fashion inspiration, I love Sequins and Stripes and Brighton the Day and then with little pieces of everything I love Breakfast at Toast, Live Creating Yourself, a Piece of Toast, and Design Darling. But that's just a few!

  2. I really enjoy your blog! Give my little blog a peek when you get some time. I also love Sequins & Stripes, Luella & June and Olivia Palermo's blog. Oh, and Design Darling!

  3. I'm trying to find some new blogs to read, too! One of my blog besties is Taylor, though. Check out her blog! ;)

  4. I have been on the hunt to find that piece in the photo, it is no where to be found!

  5. A cute comment mirror. Checking the hair and lips, in a great vote.

  6. I am always saying look great and love your blog. There are some blogs I just have to visit daily. love pretty pink tulips, love the zhush, make under my life, mrs.blandings, my knotting hill, summer is a verb, angela hardison, vicki archer.....and the list goes on.
    what pumps me in my life is keeping moving, being present and dreaming!
    my family and my artwork too....keeps me going~~~

  7. Hey there, just hopped over from Savvy Home. Love your blog so far! I can't resist sharing my favorite blogs. I'm addicted to so many.

    I can't say my own blog is as fabulous as those, but of course you're welcome to click on over. :)


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