Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Everyday Series: The Vault Files

Gaby constantly inspires me with her spot on style, gorgeous graphics and I covet everything from her Etsy shop...

Hi everyone! Gaby from The Vault Files here thrilled to be part of The Everyday Series, one of my favorite reads here on A Creative Day. Here's a look into my everyday:

Everyday Happy: House Edition
I love my ikat pillows and I'm so happy I brought them with me to the island, they make my bedroom look more "me", and I smile every time I see them. They are like a little piece of decor happiness to me ;)

Everyday Happy: Closet Edition
I love my Rebecca Minkoff Jelly Bean bag. I got it for a fraction of the regular price during one of those super sales on the website. What I love the most is the cheetah print in that coral/pink color, isn't it fabulous?

I also love my growing collection of colored skinnies. Currently lusting over a pair of orange/tangerine, and mint.

Everyday Happy: Morning Edition
Running is what gets me out of bed, wait, that's a lie,  Matthew is (my 2 year old), so as soon as we wake up, I get ready and we go out for a run. It's my favorite way to start the day, and we both enjoy it ;)

Everyday Happy: Relax edition 
After putting Matthew to sleep I like to make myself a cup of green tea, add some lime, ginger and honey; do my nails and read on my iPad while in bed. Yeap, that's how I usually end the day.

Everyday Lust: Shopping Edition 
I have an obsession with Madewell, especially their shoes, I want every single one of them, aren't they fantastic? I live in flats so the skimmers collection is one of my favorites, I want them all!

Everyday Lust: Pin Edition 
Here are a couple of pins I adore, you can take a look at all of my Pinterest boards here ;)

*Pin sources: Unknown / Late Afternoon / Convoy / Jou Jou Villeroy

Everyday Lust: Travel Edition 
I'm very excited about a trip we're making to New Zealand in 10 weeks with our best friends. We're renting a camper and we're driving all around the south island. I'm pretty sure this is going to be one of the most beautiful places I'll ever visit, so I can't wait!

Images sources 1/2/3/4

Everyday Read: Blog Edition
Some of my favorites blogs are Sincerely Jules (I love her style, and I really relate to most of her outfits, though I don't look as chic as shes does, of course), Wit & Delight (I love everything she posts), and of course I love my friend's blogs which you can check out here (they all are amazing!)

Thanks so much Eileen for inviting me!


Viviana said...

I love Gaby and her style!

whitney @ thecurtiscasa said...

i'm loving these peeks into gaby's day! love her style.. that maxi skirt and the polka dot dress - love~!

Natalie said...

New Zealand looks heavenly! Beautiful post, Gaby!

SADIE said...

Such a gorgeous collection of pictures!

Nicole said...

I really love this series. All the bloggers are so great. gaby I hope that you enjoy NZ. I spent a week on the south island and it IS the most beautiful place in the world.

Jess @ theJessJournals.blogspot.com said...

Gorgeous! Love all the pink & purples in this post :)

Julia {Pawleys Island Posh} said...

oh of course I adore all these!

Ashleigh @ Illusive Print said...

I just love Gaby's blog, it is one of my top daily reads. Great insight into her everyday!! :)) xXx

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