Friday, June 8, 2012


This is what I want to do this weekend. Nothing. Except look fabulous and sit on a fun boho blanket in my sweet hat and dyed shirt. Sorry for the radio silence yesterday... This week has been crazy and I had to run out of town last minute, and I am so ready for the weekend!
Did you see Chassity's post yesterday about her I'm Not a Poser Challenge? Such an awesome idea for a post and I was so honored she included me in her roundup. Head on over to see my DIY Anthro necklace and more fabulous projects.
I used this fabulous tutorial and I highly recommend it!
Happy Weekend everyone and I hope it includes a lot of relaxing and drinking wine with the ones you love :-)


  1. Your necklace is amazing, Eileen! So impressive! Have a wonderful weekend. :)

  2. I want to look like that this weekend too! ;)
    Wow- that necklace is so great, and it's a DIY?! Even better! I am your newest follower! Hope you'll visit my blog & follow if you enjoy as well!


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